TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Digital (Display, Video, Audio, Native, Search, all Social Media)
In all markets throughout the U.S., Canada, and international markets.


strategy, planning, buying, payment, media analytics, optimization, creative consultation

Timberlake Media is a female-owned, full-service media management company focusing on media strategy, planning, buying and implementation across all media channels including broadcast, print, outdoor, digital, mobile, social media and search.

We are all about strategic thinking, savvy buying, relentless tracking and measuring performance in order to maximize our client’s ROI.

  • Timberlake Media is female-owned based in Chicago
  • Traditional Media solutions include TV, Radio, Outdoor, Print (newspaper, magazine, HCP journals)
  • Digital media solutions include:  

    • - Multi-channel Programmatic Display (behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, retargeting)
    • - Native Advertising
    • - All Social Media Channels (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.)
    • - Search (Google, Bing, Yahoo!)
    • - Audio (Pandora, Spotify, iHeartMedia, etc.)
    • - Streaming and Connected TV devices (Apple TV, Roku, FireTV, Smart TV)
    • - Video (YouTube)
    • - Email / eNewsletters
    • - Journal / Association / Site-direct digital media
    • - Mobile display and video
    • - All campaigns include media measurement and optimization for all digital channels